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Towards my son’s dream

My name is Srinivasan - father of Kavin Srinivasan who just completed Abacus Level 5 at Brainobrain Abu Shagara, Sharjah. I would like to share my thoughts about my son Kavin's progress in Mathematics after he joined Brainobrain Centre in Abu Shagara.

I found that my son's interest has been towards science and technology. Since mathematics is the stepping stone to learn any technology, we as parents, decided to put our son Kavin in Brainobrain Abacus classes, to improve his interest and skills.

Soon after he joined Brainobrain Abu Shagara, he showed immense improvement in his arithmetic skills. He is completing the sums well before the other students in his class. His understanding towards the mathematics is clearer now. This has increased his confidence levels. The staff in Abu Shagara branch are very helpful and patient, and give individual attention to every student. The way of encouraging is wonderful.

Kavin participated in the Brainobrain Global Competition Festival on 19.10.2019 with enthusiasm and achieved Silver Medal. This gives him more encouragement. This is really a welcome move to continue with Global Competition Festivals.

I would like to thank all the staff of Brainobrain, Abu Shagara for their immense support.

By Srinivasan K

Father of Kavin Srinivasan

Brainobrain Abushagara Centre