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Touching Lives

A young man, Naman Narain, once shared his real life experience with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. 

"I happened to come across a book recommended by my elder brother. It was 'Wings of Fire' by the missile man, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. A short and inspiring book. After completing it, I picked up my sketching pad. That book had Kalam's face sketched on it. And my immediate inspiration was this sketch. Within half an hour, I had sketched the exact image and was proudly showing it off to my family.

My mother got super excited (even more than me!) and asked me to mail it to the President. I didn't take her seriously. In my defense I sarcastically said 'ya right, he is your father and he would be happy to get a sketch from his grand-child' and walked away. BOOM-BOOM-BAM. 30 min later, I was trotting along my mother to post the sketch to the best address in this country: Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi.

20 days later, a letter from The President of India with my name on the envelope was delivered. A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA WITH MY NAME ON THE ENVELOPE WAS DELIVERED! Being on 'cloud infinity' is how I would define the feeling. Jumping and shouting I ran to my mother. Tears of joy started trickling down her face. I opened the prized-envelope with utmost care and took out a small note. It said :

'Dear NamanNarain,


Thank you for your nice drawing.


With best wishes from,

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam'.


It was personally written and signed by him!


Till this date I keep the card safe with me.

On a side note, the letter was a reminder that hard work coupled with good intentions and a bit of a luck can go a long way in life. Since that letter, my grades improved and eventually turned me into an optimistic hardworking student which I can proudly claim is the attitude I still carry. One letter is all it took.


Every single action of us, will have its long-lasting ripples on atleast one soul around us! Lets make it worth-while!