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Our Daughter, Our Pride

My daughter Niveditha Palanisamy is going for her Abacus Classes at Brainobrain Al Nahda Sharjah branch. She is interested in maths and likes to go to Brainobrain. In this fast world we also have to do our sums faster. She is active and is a quick learner but she will get distracted easily. But after joining here her concentration and memory improved. She is willing to write in her own creative way and got appreciated from her school teachers also. It helps her to improve in her academics and won a prize in math marathon conducted in school. She won a gold medal in last year international abacus competition and made us happy. Thanks to all faculties who are motivating my daughter to do demo and to participate in other competitions. I strongly recommend Brainobrain Abacus Classes for other parents to join their kids to develop their skills and personality to face this challenge-full world with utmost confidence.


Parent of Niveditha Palaniswamy

Brainobrain Al Nahda, Sharjah