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My Son’s Complete Journey with Brainobrain

The Brainobrain Abacus program has brought a complete change in the development of my Son. Prakhar joined Brainobrain when he was 8 year old, now he is about to finish 10th Level. After seeing his progress in first level we had taken a decision to continue. Every day Prakhar spend 10-15 minutes on Abacus and other activities related to Brainobrain. Doing Abacus activities help him to complete his homework on time with concentration.

Academically, as the Brainobrain program promises, he is able improve memory and implement photographic images. The program has strengthened his analytical and problem solving skills as well. Prakhar has improved score in mathematics in school. I would never had imagined this as a possibility had it not been for Brainobrain.

One of the most important skills he had developed with the program is his alertness to what is happening around him. I am sure that it is largely due to the Brainobrain dictation practice besides the MA. Together as a family we prepare him for demo as well as for competition starting with 3 sums at a time to 6 sums at a time with singing, speech, skating, balling etc. In one of the competition he got stuck in demo questions but he requested to do test again and finished successfully, his presence of mind was appreciated by whole audience.

In recent times, Prakhar has shown significant improvement in his emotional intelligence. He has a very good sense of control of himself. I am most certain that his development is a result of the Brainobrain Program. He has developed skills like networking, team building, organization and cooperation.

I cannot imagine the mental development my son would have been deprived of, had he not been in Brainobrain. I sincerely hope that more parents gift their children with this program. Better still I would like to see schools introducing this as a compulsory course in the primary and secondary classes.

I view Brainobrain as place for complete development with the most child friendly approach.


Mr Amit Patni & Mrs Sonali Patni

Parents of Prakhar Patni

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