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My Golden Days with Brainobrain

My mother decided to enrol me for Brainobrain classes when she found out about it from a friend. She wanted to enroll me because she wanted me to have a new hobby and not trouble my sister when she studied during the weekends. However, little did I know that this would turn into something that I would cherish and enjoy.


Brainobrain and Abacus not only helped me in my studies but also helped improve my concentration levels and self-esteem. I started when I was 7 years old and finished all the levels by the age of 12. I was very happy and excited to learn something new at the beginning. As the difficulty level increased with each level, I found things a bit challenging. However, my Brainobrain teachers helped me by being patient and supportive. They made me feel at ease. I always looked forward to attending the classes. Whenever I couldn't attend the classes due to sickness or upcoming exams the teachers saw to it that I did not miss out on what was being taught in the class. They would allow me to complete the coursework during the summer holidays. This not only allowed me to complete my books but also allowed me to have contact with M.A so that I do not forget the concepts. When I completed Level 10 of Brainobrain, I was feeling very happy and accomplished upon successfully finishing it. But, at the same time I felt sad as I would really miss the Brainobrain Abacus Classes I used to have on every Thursday. The teachers told me that I could come to the centre to volunteer and help the other students in the Centre.


Brainobrain is a really good course for all children because it helps them not only in maths but also in building their confidence, self-esteem and social skills. I would conclude with one of my favourite Brainobrain quotes - "Each person is unique!" 




Hariprita Achaar

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