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Skill Development Programme
4-14 yr Kids

      >> LITTLE BOBS a novel program for our Kindergarten children - Below 6 yrs !

Hats Off to the Team Brainobrain

We are very happy about Christy's progress in Brainobrain activities where it helped to improve her mental arithmetic and logic. We got a very good teacher who supported both parents and children to reach the ladder.  In this competitive world our children will get an edge over others due to Brainobrain. I recommend all young parents to get into this program, if you have an opportunity to get in. Let our children enjoy the world through Brainobrain. In this very young age she got a chance to participate in a Guinness World record event, all due to Brainobrain. Hats off to the team's effort who make this program a grand success.

Charls & Bincy

Parents of Christy Susan Charls        

Brainobrain Al Nahda,Sharjah.