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Being the Change, with Brainobrain

Brainobrain’s abacus class near me for skill development in kids came to my knowledge when I attended a demo in 2011 for my children. As the journey started, I got to know new aspects of learning with abacus and my kids started showing tremendous growth in their academics and life skills.

My children joined the abacus course at Little Bobs level. They not only excelled at all the concepts but also became the 1st National Champion in Little Bob category. They continued through all the levels and eventually graduated. After studying in the State Board syllabus till Grade 6, they got shifted to CBSE from Grade 7 onwards. That was not easy.But to our surprise, they showed tremendous adaptive quality, accepted the switch-over and came out with flying colours. Thanks to the confidence inculcated in them by Brainobrain abacus class.

After witnessing their development through Brainobrain, I decided to use the education franchise opportunities of Brainobrain and BE THE CHANGE by making a difference in somebody’s life.So, now I am the abacus franchisee and faculty - another stage of my journey with Brainobrain. I got introduced to learning curves as well as aspects of teaching life skills and personality development to young learners. I feel privileged to have great experiences with my students.

Once, I had a student who couldn’t grab any place in the Brainobrain Regional Competition 2019. Neither he nor his mother could handle it. They decided to quit Brainobrain.It was a challenge for me to boost the child’s confidence level, after all I could not see him devastated. I remembered that, our BOB mentor always told us to take care of the children who couldn’t win at the competition. Thus, I first called the mother and counselled her to continue. I kept motivating the child and his parents. Eventually, I got the little star in him to shine brightly as a demo kid performing multitasking and his performance was published on digital social media. Truly a confidence booster!

Another little one made me speechless with his complete personality transformation. In every class,he always used to say that ‘I am not understanding’. We both struggled initially, and experimented various steps of learning. He is unstoppable now, constantly attempting to learn and perform, and no longer says ‘I don’t know’.

In the case of another student, looking at the progress of the child, the father and his organization sponsored 2 students to join Brainobrain. Truly marvelous.

It is not less than any reward when I look into my students’ maturity, their efficient approach, and self-awareness. Brainobrain has sharpened my teaching skills and helped me and my students to understand life in a broader prospect, thus truly living by our tag line – Practice, Perform, Win.

Mrs Garima Shah,
Franchisee & Faculty,
Brainobrain Ahmedabad.