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Amazing Transformation

It is my immense pleasure to share my view about the performance of my daughter Hafsa Shahlal who is a student of Brainobrain for the last two years. Brainobrain is itself a single institution of abacus where the ordinary kids get an opportunity for becoming a talented child. I am very happy to see the amazing transformation in my ward in a very short span of time. The way she is improving day by day is hard to believe even by her teachers, who teach her five days a week. The way she is doing the arithmetical operations with more than 95 percent accuracy and speed at this small age is quite amazing. Full credit goes to her mentor who guides her in the classroom. Getting such type of result in just 8 hours in a month is unbelievable and it is hard to digest by many. I strongly recommend every parent to go for Brainobrain without any doubt.

Warm regards

Shahlal Zafar

Father Of Hafsa Shahlal 

Brainobrain Abushagara, Sharjah